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Bill Hooper

Bill Hooper

Assistant Hon. Secretary Cornwall RFU

Rugby Sages Meetings Up to Christmas

Please find listed below the forthcoming meetings for the Rugby Sages.

All welcome for a chat, past and pint.

Thursday 3rd October at PENRYN RFC

Thursday 7th November at TRURO RFC

Thursday 12th December at HAYLE RFC (Christmas meeting)

All meetings kick-off at 2 pm.



Just the Job


Photo: Trevor Spargo presents the county shirt to Dan Job at Truro RFC



CRFU selectors have started visiting fixtures and checking on players for next County Championship campaign as Cornwall set out to retain the Bill Beaumont Cup.
As part of their visits they will present members of the 2019 squad with a photo to mark winning the County Championship.
Dan Job of Lanner is the first recipient. He also received a finals day match shirt from CRFU selector Trevor Spargo. The shirt is to be hung in the Lanner club house.
Dan, who enjoyed an outstanding County Championship campaign, stood out in the final not only for his scrummaging but also for important turnovers he achieved when Cornwall had to defend under enormous Cheshire pressure.


Duchy League Regulations 2019-20

C R F U Duchy League - Regulations 2019-20

1. The competition shall be known as the Duchy League and shall be subject to the direction and control of the Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd acting through the League Secretary and the Cornwall RFU Competitions sub-committee. Failure to comply with the regulations will lead to the application of penalties, including the deduction of points from the clubs total League table points.

2. The Cornwall RFU Competitions sub-committee, including at least three members from participating Clubs, shall meet as required to review the regulations and structure.

3. Any dispute shall be referred within Thirty six (36) hours of a scheduled match to the League Secretary who will be responsible for a decision on the matter. Should the dispute involve the League Secretary’s club, the matter will immediately be passed to the Chairman of the C R F U Competitions committee who has no such connection. Any appeal against such decision must be lodged within Three (3) days of notification together with an administrative fee of £50 (payable to Cornwall RFU Ltd.) with the Cornwall RFU Management Board through the County Secretary whose decision shall be final.

4. Participation in the Duchy League shall be open to Clubs that are affiliated to the Cornwall RFU. Teams from the same club may not compete in the same League. Application to join the Duchy League must be received by May 31 prior to the season in question. The application must include a complete list of matches and results of the relevant team from the previous season, and supported by two other clubs already competing in the League, after season 2019 / 2020.

5. Fixtures will be arranged on a home and away basis with all teams participating in the Duchy League on the specified league Saturdays in the RFU structured season. A fixture list of the Duchy League matches will be sent to all participating clubs by June 30th each year together with the name and contact details of the Duchy League Secretary.  The home Club shall arrange the appointment of a referee for the Duchy League fixtures from the Cornwall Rugby Referees Society Tel 0780390315.

6. Both teams must report the result of all scheduled matches, using the Duchy League E M C        (Electric Match Card) to reach the table administrator no later than 5 .30pm on the day of the match (with the exception of evening fixtures which should be sent within 2 Hours of the match finishing). If a side scores over 20 points then the number of tries scored must be included with the result. Failure to report the score by the deadline will result in the loss of competition points.

7. Club 2nd Teams in the Duchy League may contain players who are not registered with their club to play League rugby for that club. They should however be made up of bona fida club members, although if this is not possible then a maximum of Three (3) players per match may be borrowed from another club to make up the numbers and encourage participation in the game. However such teams may not knowingly play players holding Effective Registration with another club at level Eight (8) or above.

8. Players of a club whose first team plays at level Six (6) in the league or above may play in the Duchy League subject to the following conditions:

                   8  a.  Any player playing in the Duchy League is not permitted to and will not receive any Material Benefit as the same is defined in RFU Regulation 1, this shall include being paid (Including any arrangement for future payment in cash or kind) in any way to play rugby by any club, sponsor, person or organisation.

                   8  b.   Only Three (3) club academy players may play in a Duchy League Fixture at any one time.                                                               

                    8  c.   A player who has been selected to play or as a replacement in Eight (8) League fixture’s at level Six (6) and above may not play in the Duchy League.

                    8  d.  A player that is injured whilst playing at level Six (6) or above and is unfit to play for a period of three (3) weeks or more will be able to play in the Duchy League for a period of Two (2) consecutive matches to aid their rehabilitation.

 9. Four (4) points will be awarded for a win, Two (2) points for a draw, Nil points for a loss, Bonus points will be awarded in the following way; One (1) point for scoring Four (4) tries or more, One (1)  point for losing by Seven (7) points or fewer, One (1) point to the away team for fulfilling the fixture One (1) point for loaning players to the opposition to make sides Equal irrespective of the match result. Clubs will be deducted One (1) point for not reporting the match result by the dead line time. If a side withdraws from a fixture with less than Thirty-six (36) Hours before Kick Off, (Not having enough players is not a good reason) the none offending team will be awarded the match.

10. If a side refuses to loan players to make equal numbers on each side, the match will be played with the offending side reducing its numbers to start the match with equal numbers on each side, a side with more players may rotate its extra players up to Six (6) occasions throughout the match but must inform the Referee and the opposition prior to KICK OFF. Both side must have equal numbers at all times, the final match result will stand.

11. Matches may start with uncontested scrums if a side does not have a capable front Row the final match result will stand.

12. If a side reaches a score Difference  of Fifty (50) points the match may continue but if that side scores further points those points will not be recorded.    

13. If a scheduled match is not played for a reason deemed unjustified by the League Secretary (Not having a full side is not a good reason), the offending side will be deducted points whilst the non-offending side will be awarded points. If a Scheduled match is abandoned for reasons of safety or weather conditions before Sixty (60) minutes have been played, the league Secretary will decide whether the match is to be replayed or the score at the time of abandonment shall stand. If a Scheduled match is abandoned for reasons of safety or weather conditions after Sixty (60) minutes the result at the time of the abandonment will stand.  If a scheduled match is abandoned for reasons of foul play, regardless of time played. The League Secretary shall consider a report from the referee before deciding on the appropriate action. Where a club may be struggling for numbers, and provided that the opposition are notified well in advance of the fixture and are in agreement, a fixture may be rescheduled by the League Secretary for a later date.

14. Matches may go ahead with a minimum of Ten (10) players per team however, other than for situations where a Yellow or Red card has been issued, or as in Regulation 15 below, teams must have the same number of players on the pitch.  If a team has only Ten (10) players available to them then they may borrow player from the opposition or, failing that the match will have to be played Ten (10) a-side.

15. Six (6) replacements may be selected per fixture giving up to (10) rolling replacements per a match. The laws relating to front row replacements are as laid down by the Rugby Football Union and must be followed at all times. Where this leads to uncontested scrums, the match result shall not be affected even if this is required for the whole match. However, where a match is forced to move to non-contested scrums after kick off, the offending side must drop a player from their team and play the remainder of the game with one fewer player. In this instance it is NOT the responsibility of the referee to demand that a player is dropped, it is the responsibility of the offending side to remove a player. Failure by a team to reduce the number will result in the opponents being awarded the match.

16. Clubs may bring a fixture date forward to Midweek or Friday evenings providing both Clubs and the League Secretary are in agreement, this will insure the matches are played.       

17. Clubs must inform the Duchy League Secretary and the Admin office by 3.00pm of a cancellation of a Duchy League Fixture.

18. If a side fails to complete 85% of their scheduled Duchy league fixtures it will be withdrawn from the Duchy Cup/ Plate competition in the second half of the season.

19. Each Club by entering the Duchy League agrees with each other club in the Duchy League and the C R F U that the Competitions Standing Committee has the absolute and unfettered discretion to decide on matters not provided for in and in the interpretation of the rules of the Duchy League and/or make any further or alternative rules or regulations for the Duchy League,  where there is a requirement the decision of the Competitions Committee is final and binding save for the club’s right to appeal to the C R F U Management Board. Such appeals are to be lodged, with the appropriate appeal fee of £50 within Thirty Six (36) hours of the action taken by the C R F U Competitions Standing Committee.

20. Contact details of Duchy League Secretary Denis Preece   Tel 07769757048  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Regulations for Cornwall Leagues 1 & 2 2019-20 season

Modifications to the English Clubs Championships (ECC) Regulations

Relating to the playing of league rugby at Level 9 and 10 in



The regulations relating to the playing of league rugby in Cornwall 1 &2 will be modified in so far as matches played at Level 9 &10 (Cornwall 1 &2 Leagues) (together “the modified leagues) are concerned. The modified leagues are subject to all ECC Regulations in so far as these are not varied by or inconsistent with these Regulations.

The modifications to Cornwall One League (level (9).

1. All players in the Cornwall One league must be registered with their club in accordance with the Player Registration Regulations. Regulation 13.4.1 (b) applies and those players must be identified indicating their DOB on the match card.

2. If a team in Cornwall One cannot justifiably field a front row then the match will proceed with uncontested scrums. No league points will be deducted from the offending team providing the fixture is honoured.

3. Electronic match result cards must be completed in accordance with the SWDOC Administrative Instructions.

4. Clubs at level 9 may select up to Six (6) Replacements, with up to Ten (10)


5. If a scheduled Cornwall One match is cancelled because of weather or a lack of referee it will be rescheduled by the SW Admin office who will inform both club’s NLC of the rescheduled match date. If the rescheduled date clashes with a CB cup date the league match will take precedence.

6. If a scheduled Cornwall One match is cancelled for any reason other than weather or lack of

Referee, the non-offending club will be awarded five league points. The league secretary will

Decide if points will be deducted from the offending club.

7. If any club fails to complete 25% of their scheduled Cornwall One league matches the clubs total league points will be expunged from the English Clubs league tables.

8. Clubs must inform the SW admin office and their league secretary by 3.30pm on the day of a match if a match in the Cornwall One League is cancelled for any reason., The SW Admin must also be informed of the match result by 5.30pm on the day of the match or within one hour of a match played at any other time by phone or text. SW Admin tel number 01822 678272 Match Result tel number 01822 678007

Text result number 07797800102 League Secretary tel number 07769757048.

Otherwise, all existing English club championship regulations will apply.


The modifications to Cornwall Two League (level 10).

1 Cornwall Two clubs are advised to register their players in accordance with the player

Registration Regulations. Regulation 13.4.1 (b).

2. Clubs in the Cornwall Two league may use unregistered players in League Matches

3. Electronic match result cards must be completed with player’s names and the match result. If a player is not registered to play league rugby for the club the card must be marked with a cross alongside the player’s name.

4. Clubs at level Ten (10) may select Six (6) replacements with up to Ten (10) interchanges.

5. If a scheduled Cornwall Two match is cancelled because of weather or a lack of a Referee, the match will be rescheduled by SW Admin office for the first available Saturday, club’s NLC will be informed of the rescheduled date.

6. If a scheduled Cornwall Two match is cancelled for any reason other than weather or lack of a referee, the non-offending club will be awarded Five (5) points. The League secretary will decide if points will be deducted from the offending club.

7. If any club fails to complete 25% of their scheduled Cornwall Two League matches

The clubs total League points will be expunged from the English Clubs League Tables.

8. Clubs must inform the SW admin office and the League Secretary by 3.30 on the day of the match if a Cornwall Two League is cancelled for any reason. The SW admin office must also be informed of the match result by 5.30 on the day of the match, or within one hour of a match played at any other time by phone or text.

SW admin office tel 01822678272 Match result tel 08122678007

Text results to 07797800102 League secretary tel 07769757048.


Otherwise all other existing English Clubs Championship regulations will apply.


Denis Preece

Cornwall One & Two League Secretary

Mike Trott - RIP, Funeral Details

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It is with great sadness that the Cornwall RFU have learned of the passing of former County President Mike Trott who was aged 90.

Mike, was a stalwart of Camborne RFC, indeed club President for many, many seasons. He was County President 1990-91, just the one season, but what a season as Cornwall became County Champions at Twickenham for the first time since 1908!

The President of the CRFU, John Sumnall and all of the current officers wish to express their heartfelt condolences to all Mike's family and friends.

Mike's funeral will take place on Thursday 26th September, 11 am, at Camborne Parish Church. 

Thank you to Martin Symons (Camborne RFC) for the following;

Camborne Rugby Club mourns the passing of stalwart Mike Trott.

Camborne Rugby Club is mourning the passing of stalwart Mike Trott at the age of 90 following an association with the Cherry & Whites spanning some 60 years.

Having first joined the committee in 1959 he became the Cherry & Whites Chairman in 1964 an office which he held with distinction until 1970.

At that point he took over as the Club’s President and remained in post for a remarkable 21 years during which time Camborne became the dominant force in Cornish Rugby until he finally stepped down in 1991.

Since then he has remained an enthusiastic supporter of ‘Town’ attending 1st XV matches home and away as well as taking an active interest in all aspects of the various sections of his beloved Club.

In 1982 he became one of a select few to be awarded life membership of Camborne Rugby Club for his long service and dedication.

Mike became Cornwall RFU President for the 1990-91 season which culminated in the Senior XV memorably being crowned as County champions at Twickenham for the first time since 1908.

Bill Hussey current President of Camborne RFC commented ‘Mike was a very generous, genuine and modest man with a well developed dry sense of humour. He was a man who served his club, his town and his county with great dedication and distinction. A man who many were proud to call, a true friend. Life is about creating memories and Mike Trott left us with many great ones.’’

The funeral service will take place at 11.00am on Thursday 26th September at Camborne Parish Church to be followed by a wake at Camborne RFC’s clubhouse at Crane Park.







County roles advertised for Womens & Girls Rugby


The CRFU Womens & Girls Committee are advertising several roles and invite suitable applicants to apply for these positions.

The roles are; an additional Safeguarding Officer, Team Managers X3 (Seniors, U.18 & U.15), Head Coach, Forwards Coach, Backs Coach X3 (Seniors, U.18, U.15).

Potential candidates interested in applying are asked in the first instance to submit their rugby CV and cover letter to the Chairman of Womens & Girls  Rugby, Ross Tucknott, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by the 12th September 2019.

Interviews for the coaching positions for Girls U.18s & U.15s will be held at Bodmin RFC on Sunday 15th September in conjunction with the Girls Development Day with prospective candidates delivering part of the development session.

Interview dates for other positions will be advised upon application.

Please see the PDF link for information and requirements covering each role


Applications are also invited for the roles of Physio and also First Aider for the various teams.

Again please send CV and cover letter to Ross Tucknott e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bill Hooper


Assistant Hon.Sec CRFU