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Clubs' Conference Reminder


This year’s conference will be held on Sunday 29th October at Truro College. The theme will be:

“Putting the Emphasis on the Young in your Club.”

 The day will run from 10.30 a.m. till 3.00 p.m. and will incorporate the CRFU 2017 Financial AGM at 12.35 p.m. A pasty lunch will be provided.

The half-term date has been chosen to try to minimise clashes with youth/mini/junior rugby to enable those involved with young people in their clubs to be able to participate.

The day is aimed at club officials, club representatives on the CRFU and all who work with young people in the game in Cornwall. Please click on the link below to download the full programme.

To assist us with catering and to enable the printing of name badges it is essential for clubs inform John Sumnall IMMEDIATELY.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Devon & Cornwall XV 1931


The latest in our series of pictures is of the combined Devon & Cornwall side that played South Africa at Devonport on 18th November 1931.

Many thanks to Bill Hooper for identifying the clubs of some of the players photographed. (The full list of names can be found by clicking on the link.)

The details are: CHG Penny (Penzance), R Jennings (Redruth), H Rew* (Exeter), CSH Webb* (Devonport S), W Rowe (Penzance & St. Ives), ERA Harding (Devonport S)

GWF Bell (Barnstaple), J Hughes (??)

Kneeling seated: W Webber (Blackheath),  Eddie Richards* (Penryn & Plymouth Albion), R Sparks* (Plymouth Albion), ERB Stanbury (Plymouth Albion), P Collins (Camborne), J Merchant (Brixham), C Triniman (Redruth), W H Curnow (Redruth).

Records show that on their twenty-six-match tour The Springboks won twenty-three (including beating the four home nations), lost one (Leicestershire and East Midlands) and drew two including this match which was 3 – 3 and against the South of Scotland 0 – 0! You don’t see many results like that these days thank goodness.

As usual the full size, printable version is available by clicking on the link below.

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Cornwall 1927/28

The next photograph in the series discovered in August, courtesy of Mrs Webster, was taken a mere ninety years ago and is of the 1927/28 team pictured at Richmond.

Click on the link below for the full size, printable version.

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Try for Change


Congratulations to White Gold Cornwall who have been selected as one of the eleven projects selected nationally for RFU funding under the “Try for Change” scheme

Try for Change is an England Rugby programme which uses the power of rugby union to improve the lives of disadvantaged or marginalised people in England and across the world.

England Rugby and Sport Relief have joined forces to run the Try for Change Fund which uses rugby union and the rugby community to deliver social change. This is a fully managed fund by Comic Relief. England Rugby’s ambition is to raise £4 million over four years to support rugby for change projects.

The first grants awarded by Try for Change were for up to £10,000 and aimed at supporting smaller charities, community groups and grassroots rugby clubs in England.

Rugbi Sewena: is the White Gold Project based at Redruth RFC working with SPARC Sport Charity. This project will provide mentoring, training and touch rugby sessions to young people aged 14-16 at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

Also successful was the Plymouth Sports Charity Saltash HASH TAG which will provide Qualifications, volunteering opportunities and 1:1 mentoring for young people aged 16- 18 who have dropped out of education. Delivered through rugby coaching, the project will be focused around rugby’s core values.

Dominic Proctor, RFU Chair of Try for Change and RFU Board Member said “It’s great to see such deserving projects being awarded grants in our first round of funding. The projects selected each demonstrate how rugby has the ability to improve the lives of millions of people from all walks of life and I’m excited to see how they each of them utilise their grants to make a real difference over the coming months.”

Sue Wicks, Strategic Lead, Sport for Change at Comic Relief said: “The small grant recipients have each shown their commitment to making positive change through rugby, with many already demonstrating just how important such initiatives are to individuals in need. There’s a great spectrum of projects covering numerous disadvantaged and socially isolated groups across England and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow their fantastic programmes over the coming year to provide positive change within their communities.”

For further details click on the link below.

Following the successful Try for Change small grants round, Comic Relief and England Rugby have launched a large grants round which is now open for submissions.

Proposals to the Try for Change large grants round will need to demonstrate wider social outcomes and not just focus on increasing participation in rugby. It is open to charities, not-for-profit organisations and rugby clubs across England with organisations able to apply for a grant of up to £100,000 for work delivered over 2-3 years.

For more details, and to apply for funding, please visit the Comic Relief Grants section


The Law Changes

All the Law Changes for 2017/18 in one place!

Five new law changes in effect in 2017

Five changes to the Laws of Rugby have come into effect…

Law 3: Number of Players – The Team

Uncontested scrums as a result of a sending off, temporary suspension or injury must be played with eight players per side.

Reasoning: To discourage teams from deliberate infringements and going to uncontested scrums.

Law 5.7 (e): Time (applied in Vodacom Super Rugby in 2016, now on trial globally)

If a penalty is kicked into touch after time has elapsed without touching another player, the referee allows the throw-in to be taken and play continues until the next time the ball becomes dead.

Reasoning: To discourage teams from infringing in the dying moments of the game.

Law 8.1 (a): Advantage

When there are multiple penalty infringements by the same team, the referee may allow the captain of the non-offending team to choose the most advantageous of the penalty marks.

Reasoning: To discourage repeat offending when the advantage is already being played and to reward teams against whom repeat offending has taken place.

Law 9 (a.1): Method of Scoring

If a player would probably have scored a try but for foul play by an opponent, a penalty try is awarded. No conversion is attempted and value of the try is seven points.

Reasoning: To discourage teams from illegally preventing a probable try from being scored while also saving time on the clock by negating the need for a conversion.

Law 19: Touch and Lineout

• A player who is attempting to bring the ball under control is deemed to be in possession of the ball.

Reasoning: This brings into law something that is already applied in practice. It means that a player “juggling” the ball does not have to be in contact with it at the exact moment of touching the touchline or the ground beyond it for the ball to be deemed to be in touch. This makes it easier for the match officials to adjudicate.


Additionally, six new laws have been approved to join the global trial programme. The World Rugby Executive Committee has approved the addition of six law amendments to the programme of global law trials following positive trials in specific international competitions this year.

The amendments, which relate to the scrum (Law 20) and tackle/ruck (Laws 15 and 16), are aimed at making the game simpler to play and referee as well as further promoting player welfare. They have been approved following extensive game data analysis as well as player, coach, match official and union feedback from the tournaments in which these six aspects of law were trialled.

The six aspects of law approved to join the global trial programme are:
1. Law 20.5 and 20.5 (d) 5 Throwing the ball into the scrum
No signal from referee. The scrum-half must throw the ball in straight, but is allowed to align their shoulder on the middle line of the scrum, therefore allowing them to stand a shoulder width towards their own side of the middle line.
Rationale: To promote scrum stability, a fair contest for possession while also giving the advantage to the team throwing in (non-offending team).
2. Law 20.9 (b) Handling in the scrum – exception
The number eight shall be allowed to pick the ball from the feet of the second-rows. 
Rationale: To promote continuity.
3. Law 20 Striking after the throw-in
Once the ball touches the ground in the tunnel, any front-row player may use either foot to try to win possession of the ball. One player from the team who put the ball in must strike for the ball.
Sanction: Free-kick
Rationale: To promote a fair contest for possession.
4. Law 15.4 (c)
The tackler must get up before playing the ball and then can only play from their own side of the tackle "gate".
Rationale: To make the tackle/ruck simpler for players and referees and more consistent with the rest of that law.
5. Law 16 Ruck
A ruck commences when at least one player is on their feet and over the ball which is on the ground (tackled player, tackler). At this point the offside lines are created. Players on their feet may use their hands to pick up the ball as long as this is immediate. As soon as an opposition player arrives, no hands can be used.
Rationale: To make the ruck simpler for players and referees.
6. Law 16.4: Other ruck offences
A player must not kick the ball out of a ruck. The player can only hook it in a backwards motion.
Sanction: Penalty
Rationale: To promote player welfare and to make it consistent with scrum law.


The six new aspects of law were part of the original 2015 laws review process, and were recommended to move to closed trial to provide a further analysis opportunity before global trial could be considered.
These closed trials were operational at the 2017 World Rugby U20 Championship, World Rugby Nations Cup, World Rugby Pacific Challenge, Americas Rugby Championship and Oceania Rugby U20 Championship, with positive outcomes:
Scrum outcomes:

  • More ball coming back into play with fewer penalties and fewer collapses
  • The ball was fed quicker with scrums continuing to be stable prior to put-in
  • No collapses occurred by the number eight picking the ball up from under the second rows 

Tackle outcomes:

  • Feedback suggested that the tackle was easier to referee with clearly defined offside lines and tacklers not interfering with the quality of the ball with more players on their feet allowing counter rucking  

A comprehensive analysis was undertaken by the specialist Laws Review Group, the Scrum Steering Group, considering detailed and highly-positive union, player and match official feedback, before the recommendations were approved by the Rugby Committee and subsequently the Executive Committee. The trials were also considered at the high-performance match officials and coaches meeting earlier this year. 
World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: "World Rugby continually reviews the laws to ensure that the game is as enjoyable, simple and safe as possible at all levels. I would like to thank our unions for their full support throughout the process, the experts who evaluated the closed trial data and look forward to seeing the full results of the global trial." 
Rugby Committee Chairman John Jeffrey added: "These law amendments are designed to improve the experience of those playing and watching the game at all levels and to avoid negative play where possible. The results of the closed trials were highly-encouraging with more ball out from the scrum, fewer penalties and better stability, which has a player welfare benefit too."
Implementation this year will enable at least a year of evaluation before the moratorium on law amendment begins a year out from Rugby World Cup 2019.


A Message from Trelawny's Army

Cornwall’s support at county rugby matches is legendary and very much appreciated by the players who find it inspirational. At the heart of it is the incredible Trelawny’s Army Supporters’ Club. The CRFU would like to share the letter below sent to the CRFU Hon. Sec. by Phil Trevarton, Chairman of Trelawny’s Army (Pictured looking on with pride at Twickenham – photo courtesy of Simon Bryant [Iktis Photo]).

Dear Roger,

 I wish to convey my appreciation of this year’s County Championship to you and the players in this year’s Campaign. 

The bitter taste of losing the final to a highly skilled and physical Lancashire must be so close to the player’s hearts that no words of mine can assuage their disappointment.

 But, please be assured that the team that has taken us to Twickenham for the fifth consecutive time, defeating Surrey, Devon and Hertfordshire in such emphatic matches should never feel that they have in any way failed Trelawny’s Army and the assembled ranks of Cornish Rugby supporters. I hope in time that they should draw a sense of pride of what they have accomplished, namely reaching a Twickenham Final, a pinnacle that many rugby players will never accomplish.

 The County Campaign games mounted by Cornwall are still the best supported matches that many of your players we see in their playing careers and are a testimony to the efforts made by CRFU Officers and the Players alike.

 Trelawny’s Army are immensely proud of  “Our Players”, who have worn the “Black & Gold” over the last four weeks and the only disappointment we will have is that we have to wait another year to wear our Black & Gold and fly the Flags once again.

 Please relay my heart felt appreciation to the Players and Officials alike and I wish you all the best until we can do this once again in 2018.

 Phil Trevarton


 Trelawny’s Army Supporters Club


Wooden Spoon Golf Day – Friday 16th June 2017

Arrangements for this year’s annual Wooden Spoon Golf Day are underway.


Venue: Lanhydrock Hotel & Golf Club, Lostwithiel Road, Bodmin, PL30 5AQ

Price: £180 per team of four (concessionary fee available for Lanydrock GC members) Price includes: Coffe and bacon rolls on arrival, 18 holes of golf, followed by a delicious carvery and desserts.


Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best rugby club score


For more information and to reserve your team, please contact John Sumnall: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01872 572788

 Please click on the link below for a poster giving more details.


For those who are unfamiliar with Wooden Spoon:


Through the power of rugby every child and young person, no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities.


To positively transform the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby.


We are inspired by our rugby roots. Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and Fun drive everything we do.

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RFU Leadership Academy



The Leadership Academy provides an ideal opportunity for existing or future Committee members to develop their skills and whilst there is an initial outlay of £100 the CRFU will reimburse the full amount upon successful completion of the course.

Leadership Academy Dates

  • The sessions are held on Wednesday evenings - 9th November, 7 December, 15th February and 17th May with two Sunday sessions on the 15th January and 2nd April.  The Sunday sessions are "all day" affairs
  • The session on the 7th December will be held at the Alverton in Truro with the session on the 15th February held at a Rugby Club in Cornwall.
  • The Sunday sessions will be held at the China Fleet Club in Saltash.
  • There will also be sessions with the Group mentor and which are normally held in the evening - time place by mutual arrangement.

Anyone interested should contact Richard Simeons as soon as possible.

Richard Simeons

Honorary Treasurer

Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd

31 Billings Drive 


TR7 2SQ 


Telephone Number: 01637 872400

Mobile: 07967 019594


Please click on the link below for further details.





SUNDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2.00p.m. to 4.00 p.m.



For more details and to book your place contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please click on the link for colour flyer to spread the word!

  • Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd
    The Cornwall Rugby Football Union was formed in 1883 and operated until 2009 as an unincorporated body when it registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 becoming Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited. Clubs affiliated to Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited are Members with representatives of each club in…