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Don’t Let The Heat Wave Stop You Wearing Black & Gold!

As the heat wave continues and tee shirts become a “must have” why not opt for “black & gold”?

The T-shirt pictured is just one of many items you can buy to show your support for Cornwall available here:

There may not be any live rugby to watch for a few weeks, but you can still wear the colours with pride on the beach, watching the cricket or wherever you are!


Bolingey Barbarians Look Forward to 25th Anniversary Season

The wonderful institution that is Bolingey Barbarians will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and knowing them they will be sure to do it in style!

This invitation side has developed into the flagship veterans’ side in Cornwall but one of their main aims is to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Cornwall and to date they have raised a staggering £100,000.

The Barbarians’ President, John Sumnall, writes a brief potted history:

Bolingey Barbarians History

Bolingey Barbarians RFC will celebrate their 25th Anniversary in the 2018-19 season. The Club was formed on the 30th March 1993 which followed an ad-hoc match that had been played between the Bolingey Inn and Perranporth RFC on the 07th March 1993 to raise funds for a local cause.

As the ad-hoc match had been so successful, it was decided to form the Club and follow the values and traditions that were seen to being eroded by the advent of professional rugby. Six matches were to be held each season, two each against Cornwall Clubs at “Senior “, “Junior” and Veteran’s level. Selection was by invitation only and all players were considered guests for the day and presented with the Club tie which they were expected to wear if invited again to participate. This invitation gave many players the chance to engage with other athletes that they would normally never play with and had probably spent many seasons competing against.

However, there were other aims of playing and that was to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Cornwall and to date we have donated more than £100,000, in various amounts, to 57 organisations and groups, both large and small, in Cornwall.

Perranporth RFC very kindly agreed to Bolingey Barbarians using their facilities to play matches but the after-match festivities always take place at the Bolingey Inn where all the mementos adorn the walls. This “third half” provided the ideal opportunity, which appeared to be diminishing in Club Rugby, to share a meal with your opposite number, take a beer together and finish the day with traditional singing of Cornish and some rugby songs. Children were and are always welcome and join their mothers and fathers for the occasion.

In the first season of playing it was agreed that the Club should be registered to become a non-voting member of the Rugby Football Union through the Cornwall RFU and a successful probationary period of one year was served. However, in the first three seasons it was already becoming increasingly difficult to raising a team to play a Cornwall “Senior” Club as the Club Coaches did not want to release their players in case of injury and it was decided to concentrate on Veterans’ rugby. This was an unknown blessing in disguise as the veterans loved recalling old times after playing and were probably in a better financial position than they were in their earlier playing days.

That the Club is held in high esteem by the many that have come into contact with us is not in doubt as the Cornwall RFU have very recently offered to donate £500 to our chosen charity and their Management Board Members have asked to be invited to a match in the 25th season.

Bolingey Barbarians has produced something never expected: friendships that have now lasted at least 25 years, fostered and maintained Veteran’s Rugby in Cornwall and last, but not least, £100,000 for disadvantaged children in Cornwall.


Sunday 14th October 2018 at Perranporth RFC and afterwards at the Bolingey Inn when the CRFU will present £500 for the Barbarians to allocate in recognition of their outstanding achievements over the past 25 years.

Bolingey Barbarians v Perranporth K.O. 1.00 p.m.



Photo: Peter Berriman (IktisPhoto)

A well-attended AGM confirmed John Sumnall as President-Elect for 2018/19. John will become President for 2019-2022 when our current President, Peter James, ends his three-year term of office.

After the formal business Tony Knightsbridge of Liskeard-Looe was presented with a county blazer badge and buttons by The President in recognition of the time he has served on the CRFU.

The final presentation of the evening was to Peter Berriman who is retiring after many years’ service as a medic to many Cornwall representative sides. Peter has been a great support to hundreds of players and many colleagues over the years and his calm and reassuring presence will be missed at training sessions and at pitch-side on match days.

In recognition of his contribution Peter was presented with a county shield and made a Life Vice President of the Union.


Ewart White – Funeral Details

The Funeral service for Ewart White will be held on Friday 29th June at 11 a.m. in Camborne Wesley Methodist Church, Chapel St, Camborne, TR14 8EG.

This will be followed by refreshments at the Clubhouse in the 'Town' bar at Camborne RFC.

Ewart was a stalwart of Camborne RFC and a much-valued Team Manager of the Cornwall team. He was held in high esteem by everyone involved in the game in the Cornwall and on his retirement from CRFU duties he was made a Life Member in recognition of his huge contribution to the game in Cornwall.

Ewart is pictured proudly holding the Bill Beaumont Senior Men’s County Championship Cup after a Cornwall victory at Twickenham.


Tribute Cornwall Leagues One and Two Modified Regulations

Please note the Modified Regulations for 2018/18.


Modifications to the English Clubs Championships (ECC) Regulations relating to the playing of league rugby at Level 9 and 10 in Cornwall ONE & TWO LEAGUES REVISED FOR THE SEASON 2018/2019


The regulations relating to the playing of league rugby in Cornwall 1&2 will be modified in so far as matches played at Level 9&10 (Cornwall 1&2 Leagues) (together “the modified leagues) are concerned. The modified leagues are subject to all ECC Regulations in so far as these are not varied by or inconsistent with these Regulations.


The Modifications to Cornwall One.


1. All players in the Cornwall One league must be registered with their club in accordance with the Player Registration Regulations.  Regulation 13.4.1 (b) applies and those players must be identified indicating their DOB on the match card.


2. If a team in Cornwall One cannot justifiably field a front row then the match will proceed with uncontested scrums. No league points will be deducted from the offending team providing the fixture is honored.


 3. Match result cards must be completed and posted to the South West Admin office in accordance with the SWDOC Administrative Instructions.


 4. Clubs at level 9 may select up to Four (4) Replacements, with up to Eight (8) interchanges.   


 5. If a scheduled Cornwall One match is cancelled because of weather or a lack of referee it will be rescheduled by the SW Admin office who will inform both clubs NLC of the rescheduled match date.  If the rescheduled date clashes with a CB cup date the league match will take precedence.


 6. If a scheduled Cornwall One match is cancelled for any reason other than weather or lack of referee, the non-offending club will be awarded five league points.  The league secretary will decide if points will be deducted from the offending club.


 7. If any club fails to complete 25% of their scheduled Cornwall One league matches the clubs total league point’s will be expunged from the English Clubs league tables.


 8. Clubs must inform the SW admin office and their league secretary by 3.30pm on the day of a match if a match in the Cornwall One League is cancelled for any reason, also the SW Admin must be informed of the match result by 5.30pm on the day of the match or within one hour of a match played at any other time by phone or text.

SW Admin tel no 01822 678272

Match Result tel no 01822 678007                                

Text result no 07797 800102   

League Secretary tel no 07769 757048.           


Otherwise all existing English club championship regulations will apply.



The modifications to Cornwall Two.


1 Cornwall Two clubs our advised to register their players in accordance with the player Registration Regulations. Regulation 13.4.1 (b).


2. Clubs in the Cornwall Two league may use unregistered and loaned players from a level Eight (8) or Nine (9) club so that a League fixture can be fulfilled.


3. Match result cards must be completed with players’ names and the match result if a Player is not registered or has been loaned so that a league match can be fulfilled the result card must be marked with a cross alongside the player’s name.


4. Clubs at level Ten (10) may select Six (6) replacements with up to Ten (10) interchanges.


5. If a scheduled Cornwall Two match is cancelled because of weather or a lack of a Referee, the match will be rescheduled by SW Admin office for the first available Saturday, clubs NLC will be informed of the rescheduled date.


6. If a scheduled Cornwall Two match is cancelled for any reason other than weather or lack of a Referee, the non-offending club will be awarded Five (5) points. The League secretary will decide if points will be deducted from the offending club.


7. If any club fails to complete 25% of their scheduled Cornwall Two League matches the clubs total League points will be expunged from the English Clubs League Tables.


8. Clubs must inform the SW admin office and the League Secretary by 3.30 on the day of the match if a Cornwall Two League is cancelled for any reason. Also the SW admin office must be informed of the match result by 5.30 on the day of the match, or within one hour of a match played at any other time by phone or text.

SW admin office tel 01822 678272

Match result tel 08122 678007

Text results to 07797 800102

League secretary tel 07769 757048


Otherwise all other existing English Clubs Championship regulations will apply.         


Denis Preece

Cornwall One & Two League Secretary


London Cornish RFC Seeks New Coaching Team

London Cornish RFC has vacancies for a Head Coach/Player Coach, a Forwards or Backs Coach (depending on the former appointment), and a 2nd Team Coach. The closing date for applications is 30th June 2018.These roles do attract limited remuneration for our one session a week training commitment.

For more details, please email Director of Rugby, Dickon Moon on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ewart White RIP

We were saddened to hear that CRFU stalwart and former Team Secretary, Ewart White has passed away.

Ewart was regarded as one of rugby’s gentlemen by all that knew him, popular with players and officials alike. He will be sorely missed.

All thoughts are with Ewart’s family at this sad time.

Ewart is pictured when he retired from his CRFU duties after twenty years of service.

Funeral details will appear here in due course.

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