Roger Watson

Roger Watson

England Counties - Robin Starts with Sheppy on the Bench

Robin Wedlake starts on the left wing with Matt Shepherd named as one of the replacements for the opening game against Euskarians in San Sebastian on Wednesday, 31 May before they take on a Spain XV on Saturday, 3 June.

England Counties team:

  1. Hayden King (Old Albanians and Hertfordshire)
  2. Fran Entressengle (Huddersfield and Yorkshire)
  3. Alex Gilthrow (Clifton and Somerset)
  4. Joe Makin (Hull Ionians and Yorkshire)
  5. Rob Birtwelln (Sedgley Park and Lancashire)
  6. Keith Laughlin (Blaydon and Northumberland) - CAPTAIN
  7. Harry Bate (Old Albanians and Hertfordshire)
  8. Ed Milne (Rosslyn Park and Surrey)
  9. Dave Brazier (Coventry and North Midlands)
10. Rhys Hayes (Caldy and Cheshire)
11. Robin Wedlake (Plymouth and Cornwall)
12. Jack Lavin (Caldy and Cheshire)
13. Albert Portsmouth (Cambridge and Eastern Counties)
14. Max Trimble (Coventry and Warwickshire)
15. Pete Swatkins (Sheffield Tigers and Yorkshire)


16. Dan Seal (Cambridge and East Midlands) 
17. Neil Sweeney (Esher and Surrey)
18. Matt Collins (Ampthill and East Midlands)
19. Nile Dacres (Coventry and North Midlands)
20. Jack Preece (Coventry and Gloucestershire)
21. Pete White (Coventry and East Midlands)
22. Sam Baker (Ampthill and East Midlands)
23. Tom Wheatcroft (Coventry and Leicestershire)
24. Tom Baldwin (Blackheath and Kent)
25. James Stokes (Coventry and Warwickshire)
26. Matt Shepherd (Plymouth and Cornwall)

A Message from Trelawny's Army

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Cornwall’s support at county rugby matches is legendary and very much appreciated by the players who find it inspirational. At the heart of it is the incredible Trelawny’s Army Supporters’ Club. The CRFU would like to share the letter below sent to the CRFU Hon. Sec. by Phil Trevarton, Chairman of Trelawny’s Army (Pictured looking on with pride at Twickenham – photo courtesy of Simon Bryant [Iktis Photo]).

Dear Roger,

 I wish to convey my appreciation of this year’s County Championship to you and the players in this year’s Campaign. 

The bitter taste of losing the final to a highly skilled and physical Lancashire must be so close to the player’s hearts that no words of mine can assuage their disappointment.

 But, please be assured that the team that has taken us to Twickenham for the fifth consecutive time, defeating Surrey, Devon and Hertfordshire in such emphatic matches should never feel that they have in any way failed Trelawny’s Army and the assembled ranks of Cornish Rugby supporters. I hope in time that they should draw a sense of pride of what they have accomplished, namely reaching a Twickenham Final, a pinnacle that many rugby players will never accomplish.

 The County Campaign games mounted by Cornwall are still the best supported matches that many of your players we see in their playing careers and are a testimony to the efforts made by CRFU Officers and the Players alike.

 Trelawny’s Army are immensely proud of  “Our Players”, who have worn the “Black & Gold” over the last four weeks and the only disappointment we will have is that we have to wait another year to wear our Black & Gold and fly the Flags once again.

 Please relay my heart felt appreciation to the Players and Officials alike and I wish you all the best until we can do this once again in 2018.

 Phil Trevarton


 Trelawny’s Army Supporters Club

Twenty-Two Red Roses

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Following the tragic events in Manchester there was a moments silence before the kick off of the Lancashire v Cornwall game on Sunday 28th May.

Both teams and the match officials lined up on the fifteen-metre line facing the west stand.

To further recognise the close ties that Cornwall has with Lancashire, and the Cornwall RFU wishing to show unity and support for the people of Manchester and Lancashire, the Cornwall President Mr Peter James presented twenty-two red roses on the pitch at Twickenham to the President of Lancashire Mr Tom Fitzgerald. (Photo courtesy of Simon Bryant, Iktis Photo.)

The significance of the twenty-two red roses, is that the red rose is the emblem of Lancashire, twenty-two people tragically lost their lives in the atrocity and both rugby squads were made up of 22 players. 

Cornwall RFU has asked that the Lancashire President lay the flowers at a suitable position in Manchester in due course which he has agreed to do. 

The roses not only come from the Cornwall RFU, but also on behalf of the thousands of Cornish supporters who travelled to Twickenham on Sunday, and from Cornish people who couldn’t make the trip, wherever they may be.

We all feel the pain that they have, and are continuing to suffer, and hope this small gesture shares our thoughts with the people of Manchester and Lancashire at this difficult time.