CRFU Apparel Partnership with BLK

Cornwall Rugby Football Union launches partnership with BLK


BLK have today announced a new partnership with the Cornwall RFU which will see the proud Rugby region go #beyondlimitsknown for the next two years. Working closely with the Cornwall RFU, the team at BLK has produced a wide range of on and off field apparel to cater for players and supporters of all ages.


From an on field perspective BLK will provide the Cornwall RFU with a range of, industry leading, high performance apparel, while the regions supporters have also been well catered for with the creation of official replica and traditional cotton jerseys.” Said BLK South West sales manager Sam Raven.

 “As the worlds leading team wear provider, the BLK team are committed to building a long lasting and proactive partnership with the Cornwall RFU along with the regions leading players, and look forward to celebrating the on and off field successes along the way.



Structure and Remit


6 X Club Representatives

CRFU Honorary Treasurer

CRFU Safeguarding Manager

Handbook Editor/Webmaster Manager




To develop the 4 year PFR document and annual delivery plan.

To monitor income/expenditure to ensure that it runs in line with the PFR document.

To provide budgets to appropriate committees which will include the Representative Rugby Committee.

To set up a sub-committee devoted to securing sponsorship and advertising revenue


To assist the Handbook Editor in the production of the Handbook.

Review the Website (with the Website Manager) to ensure that the content is appropriate and accurately reflects the CRFU and the work undertaken in promoting the game.

Overview all aspects of marketing including Representative Rugby Matches


Reports to be submitted at each meeting by the CRFU Safeguarding Manager and appropriate action taken.

Ensure that appropriate courses are run and Club Safeguarding Officers attend as necessary.


To nominate members of the Disciplinary panel for election (or co-option) and to nominate an accredited person for the Role Of Chair of the Disciplinary Committee.

To recommend to the Management Board persons suitable to hold the following posts:

  • Two Representatives to the South Western Division Rugby Football Mutual Benefit Fund.
  • Two Representatives (plus Reserve) on the South West Counties Group.
  • Cornwall League Secretary and Deputy League Secretary.
  • Vice Presidents' Secretary.
  • Safeguarding Manager and Assistant Safeguarding Managers.
  • Facilities Manager.
  • Honorary Handbook Editor/Website Manager.


  • Cornwall Rugby Football Union Ltd
    The Cornwall Rugby Football Union was formed in 1883 and operated until 2009 as an unincorporated body when it registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 becoming Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited. Clubs affiliated to Cornwall Rugby Football Union Limited are Members with representatives of each club in…